Nature Photographers' Portfolio 2009

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Gadwall male and female Avocets after mating Papilio polyxenes  asterius caterpillar Komodo dragon Gannets Corsican crocus Crocus corsicus Corsica France Red deer stag Dragonfly face Eider Fallow deer Fiery Clearwing Moth Fungus Fulmar Slender-billed gull Giant Polypore growing at the base of a beech tree\nMeripilus giganteus\nWoodland North Norfolk\nOctober Male Southern Red Bishop Hobby Ibex Greylag goose Oak acorn and gall Kingfisher Elephant Seals fighting Northern fulmar Fulmarus glacialis in flight low over the sea Iceland July 2009 Otters Penduline tit Pitta Mangrove Porcelain fungus Red-backed frog Red-crowned cranes displaying Tephroseris integrifolia ss maritima Starling singing Strpeless Tree Frog Verreaux's sifaka Red fox Water vole White stork nest