Nature Photographers' Portfolio 2011

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Long-billed Dowitcher Otter Hornet's nest, queen emerging Elephant Hawk Moth Crowned cranes Cuckoo, Cuculus canorus, single bird on post, Midlands, April 2011 Water Rail Brown bear Pink-footed goose Green silver lines at rest on Poppy Spotted redshank Starling murmuration Ichneumon wasp Openbill storks Nycticorax with catch Sundew Short-eared owl Cheetah chasing young Thomson's gazelle Franklinia Oedemera nobilis Chinese water deer Kittiwakes on ice flow Bison Eiders Fallow deer Redshank Cape pigeon in flight Arctic fox Lacewing eggs Shelduck Wandering albatross Diomedia exulans in flight over sea Kaikoura New Zealand Black-eared kites Hoverfly on heather Goosander and Lamprey Leopard Bittern Little-ringed plover, Charadrius dubius, two birds displaying, Midlands, April 2011 Great-reed warbler Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta in beech woodland Micheldever Wood Hampshire England UK Marabous mobbing Mozambique spitting cobra Arctic tern Black-tailed godwit Oystercatcher Puffin Grey heron Ruff Red deer Comma Osprey and fish Vitelline warbler King eider Emerald damselfly roosting Masked Weaver nest building Blue-throated bee-eaters Large White Helleborine Snowyegret Greenshank with fish eggs Bottle-nosed dolphin Tursiops truncatus, Adult, Low breach out of the sea, Summer, Moray Firth, Scotland, UK, July