Nature Photographers' Portfolio 2016

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Gannet Little egret hunting Dragonflies Lammergeier Ringed plover Red squirrel Great thick-knee Brown hare in the rain Great-northern diver King penguin and feathers Black-bellied sandgrouse, Pterocles orientalis, Single female by water, Spain, July 2016 Beech, Beech woodland Bar-tailed godwit Migrant hawker Bee fly (Bombylius major) Starfish Titchwell Blue magpie Joshua trees Meadow pipit Ruby topaz Dadyy Long-legs spider (pholcus phalangoides) female with egg coccon Golden plover calling Cyprus wheater male Narcissus wilkommii Avocet with young Black buck siesta Rooks Green sandpiper Tiger in grass Asian paradise-flycatcher male Silvery Grebe parent feeding chicks Scorpion fly with prey Wood sandpiper Long-tailed tit, Aegithalos caudatus, single bird taking a feather, Warwickshire, April 2016 Bistort (Polygonum bistorta) below Wengernalp Kittiwakes Breeding herd of elephants Asian Elephants in mist Teal in flight King penguins White stork Shaggy Scalycap Coot aggression Herring gull feeding Common snipe Spiralling whitefly (Aleurodicus dispersus) eggs and nymphs Spider hunting wasp (Anoplius viaticus) Female Mallard taking off White-tailed swallows Water rail with young Mycena polygramma Scilla autumnalis Sri Lanka elephant Female Kestrel in flight Common wasp Vespula vulgaris, Adult female, Feeding on fresh cut from inside a dead blackbird carcass, Garden, Autumn, Derbyshire, UK, September Common dolphin Hen harrier Black Guillemot calling Common Loon (Great Northern Diver) adult feeding naiad to chick