Richard Price


Richard is a relative new member of NPP, joining in late 1996. He was quite happy anoraking along at the camera club when in walked George McCarthy, demanding that he went on one of his first Florida tours. He and Ian Brown were quite taken aback by his threats and duly joined George along with Gordon Bramham and Guy Huntington.

Later in 1996 he attended the NPP Convention at Brooksby and it all started from there. Since those early days he has been swept along with the momentum and enthusiasm of many first class nature photographers and now instead of going to Richmond Park (although he still goes there ) he finds that visits abroad are much more the norm.

I've also met Trotter and Winslade which is something else.

The other major change, which is now happening is the advancement of digital cameras. At present he is still a dinosaur, but the change according to his bank manager can take place very shortly. By the way, before he forgets, he uses Canon equipment, supports West Ham and only eat curries……