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Alan Dixon


Alan came to photography via a childhood spent wandering around the countryside looking at all types of wildlife with his brother, including two years in Cyprus where his parents indulged them by allowing various reptiles to be kept in boxes on the veranda. His teens were spent birding and he came back around to general natural history in his thirties. Keen on taking photographs during trips abroad whilst travelling it seemed a natural progression to combine his interest with nature with photography.

Most of his photography is done locally to his home in Norfolk, particularly at a small organic farm that still has healthy populations of many species in decline elsewhere. He has recently retired from his former life in Environmental Health and plans to use the extra time to intensify his photography as much as possible.

Contact details;
Alan Dixon
Hammerfell House
Norwich Road
NR10 4NH                                                      
Tel: 44(0)1603 873229

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