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How to Join the NPP

We are a small society and wish to remain so. In a compact group members get to know each other which creates a friendlier atmosphere, but we do welcome new photographers to apply.


Often new photographers are recommended by existing members, but if not email the secretary on the contacts page.

​The secretary will ask you to provide images so that the council can access your work. This may mean emailing some jpegs, but these days most photographers can provide a link to their Instagram, Flickr account or web site, etc.

​When reviewing your images council looks for potential rather than perfection. We consider if you are a knowledgeable naturalist and active in the field. You will be posting one image each month into the portfolio and this means being a very committed photographer. You will also need to comment on all the images in your group each month, around 20-25 pictures.

In addition to the online portfolio we also have a small print portfolio circulating the U.K. by post. You can join either or both.

We also request that all members make every attempt to attend our biannual conventions which currently take place in Leicestershire.

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