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Arthur G. Butler ARPS

Arthur, born in 1939, retired from a life in horticulture in 2004.  Following in his father’s footsteps he was interested in nature from an early age.  When he was about 10 years old he was introduced to George E. Hyde FRES, and from then on took a keen interest in insects.

In 1979 he bought his first SLR camera, a Pentax MX with a Pentax f4 50 mm macro lens. He has been a member of various camera clubs, and has had acceptances in various international and other exhibitions throughout the UK. He joined the Royal Photographic Society in February 1991 and attained his ARPS in nature slides March 1991.

In September 1994 he joined the NPP slide section.  He still uses Pentax equipment and having gone digital, his latest camera is a Pentax K3, but sometimes still uses a Pentax 200 mm film macro lens with it.  He has been in the digital print folio for some years.


Contact details;

Arthur G. Butler ARPS


60 Masefield Crescent



Hants ,

P08 8JS

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