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Gordon Wilcock

I have had an interest in wildlife, especially ornithology, since I was a teenager which seems centuries ago. I also took up photography at about the same time, taking over the family bathroom as a darkroom when no-one else was at home. I tried to combine the two but my equipment was not up to it, nor was it when I tried again about twenty years ago.

I really started about five years ago when I bought into Canon's top end cameras and lenses and was amazed at what I could achieve. I joined Kingswood Photographic Society where I was fortunate to receive mentorship and gained the LRPS, although I no longer belong to the RPS for various reasons. My photographs have been modestly successful at local club level, been accepted for some salons, and last year one was shortlisted for the WPOTY exhibition but not accepted at the final cut.

Raptors are a particular interest of mine and I have been following a Peregrine dynasty at a site in Pembrokeshire for 20 years, but was only able to start photogaphing them when I bought the Canon kit.

My garden, in Gloucestershire, has a small wildlife corner with a hide converted from an old shed which I use for trying out new kit and strategies, and photographing small birds in flight. A local farmer friend is also allowing me to set up wildlife photographic opportunities on his land, but these are in their earliest days at present.

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