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Jane Rees


When she was eight years old, Jane's grandfather, a keen amateur photographer, gave her a Brownie camera and she has been taking photographs ever since.

Following a career in architecture, 30 years ago she and her late husband moved to Bath, retiring from architectural practice to pursue a long time interest in researching historic tools and trades and has written several books on that subject. She joined Bath Photographic Society, the first time she had been involved a photographic society, and is a Past-President of the Society. She also joined the RPS, gaining her L.R.P.S. in 1997 and her A.R.P.S. in 2012.

Brought up in the Devon countryside, she has always had an interest in nature in all its forms which has considerably influenced her photography. She has concentrated particularly on flowers and fungi, and recently insects and butterflies but finds all types of nature photography enjoyable and likes experimenting. Extensive travel in the United States, particularly Virginia, and Canada has also encouraged an interest in the natural history of North America.

About 25 years ago, Jane converted to digital photography from transparencies starting with Canon equipment but, after finding it increasingly difficult to carry heavy camera gear, a few years ago moved to the Olympus micro 4/3 system.

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