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Jeremy Richards

Jeremy has been interested in nature for as long as he can remember, but it was his work as a marine engineer that sparked his interest in photography. In 1985, Jeremy, by chance, found himself on a ship in Antarctica. At the time he only had a rather basic film camera and little by the way of photographic skills. The resulting pictures were a poor reflection of the breathtaking scenery and wildlife that abounds in and around Antarctica. This was the trigger for his passion for photography. 


On returning from a life at sea, he invested in a decent SLR film camera, the Olympus OM 40, and to help develop his photographic skills he went to night school and studied A level photography.  Over the next 30 years he set about capturing those parts of the world he was able to visit on holiday or through work. The result was a broad portfolio of images that includes nature, landscape, people, architecture and culture. More recently, Jeremy has lived overseas in India and then Chile. Whilst there, he had the time and opportunity to explore and photograph both countries in considerable depth. He joined the Bath Photographic Society in 2009 and is a Past-President of the Society. It was whilst living in Chile in 2015 that he had the opportunity to return to the Falkland Islands for a first visit since 1985. This, combined with the wonderful nature to be found in Chile, has led to a focus over the last 10 years on nature photography.


Along with local nature reserves around his home in Bath, the Falkland Islands is one of his favourite places for nature photography and although now back living in the UK, he tries to visit the Falkland Islands once a year, usually in early spring, to capture some of the remarkable nature that abounds on these remote islands. Jeremy is a member of the RPS and in 2022 was awarded ARPS for a panel on the wildlife of the Falkland Islands. 


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