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Maggie Manson ARPS


Growing up in Scotland with the seashore and countryside on her doorstep, Maggie developed a love of the natural world from an early age. An honours degree in biochemistry was followed by a PhD in molecular biology.  This led to a career in cancer research with the Medical Research Council and latterly the University of Leicester, after which she retired in 2013, maintaining an Emeritus Professorship at the University.

With more time to travel, favourite destinations include Africa and the polar regions.  She is a member of the RPS, as well as its Nature and Travel Groups and gained her ARPS in Nature in 2003.  She joined the NPP in 2009 and has recently also become a member of the Zoological Photographic Club (ZPC).  Over the years she has had some success in international exhibitions and competitions (including Scottish Nature Photography Awards, BPOTY and several entries to WPOTY which made the final round).

She enjoys all aspects of natural history photography and supports the RSPB, SGHT, and local Wildlife Trusts.  Before relocating to Perthshire, she volunteered in a water vole conservation project at Rutland Water.


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