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Keith Polwin

Keith Polwin ARPS DPAGB BPE5 is resident in Basingstoke, Hampshire and his interest in photography started in 1976, when he purchased his first serious film camera, a Pentax KM, after graduating from university. Since then he has carried out many forms of photography including darkroom printing in monochrome and colour and has always been mostly interested in wildlife subjects, especially insects and birds.


In the days of film he used Pentax equipment and today all of his photographic work is digital and he now uses Olympus equipment.


He is a member of two local camera clubs and The Royal Photographic Society and its Nature Group. He gained his Associateship of The RPS with a submission of natural history transparencies in 1990. He exhibits his work in local Camera Clubs and National & International photographic competitions and exhibitions.

He joined The NPP in 2003 and participated in the Slide Folio for a few years until digital photography took over.

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