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Peter Basterfield

Peter started bird watching at the age of 13 when he began to wear spectacles and realised that the world was colourful! He bought his first camera in 1954 during his National Service in Libya and still has those original Kodachromes.

Marriage, children and climbing the career ladder to become Chairman of the National Haematology Advisory Committee then intervened until a holiday on Lundy Island in 1972 rekindled his interest, both in birds and photography. He became a keen birder and during the 1970s and 80s sold many photographs of rarities he had seen.

His interest intensified and he joined the RPS gaining an LRPS in 1988 and an ARPS in 1990 in Bird Photography.

Since his retirement his love of bird watching has enabled him to become a part time leader for Birdfinders, a company specialising in this field. Although photography can be difficult under these circumstances it is still possible.

He rarely uses a hide preferring to use field craft to stalk his subjects, particularly in rainforest, this being his favourite destination, although sea birds and islands have also always had a fascination.

Dislocating his spine in 1995 has meant that he is no longer able to carry heavy camera gear so he has had to adapt to much more field craft, perhaps not a bad thing.

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