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The 2009 convention at Horncastle

Seated from left. Ian Vaughan, Robin Fisher, Derick Scott, Valerie Cundall, Arthur Cundall, Margaret Kilner, Robert Hawkesworth, John Tinning, Shelagh Tinning, Joy Langsbury.

Two middle rows from left. Koshy Johnson, Jason Gallier, Eunice Chandler, Paul Hobson, Maggie Manson, Patrick Walley, Liz read, John Combes, Keith Polwin, Dave Trotter, Valentine Roberts, Louis Rumis, Barbara Hawkesworth, Roger Tidman, Jane Rees, Tony Howes, Dickie Duckett, Cliff Heyes, David Norton, John Bebbington, Valerie Webb, Ken Webb, Barbara Galloway, John Roberts, Gordon Langsbury, Roy Galloway, Liz White, Mike Lane, Denis Kilner.

Rear row from left. Gordon Bramham, Chris Gomersall, Guy Huntington, Richard Price, Chris Knights, Mike Read, Edmund Fellows, Peter Basterfield, Geoff White, Richard Chandler, Peter Roworth, Don Smith.

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